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But it's become commonplace to wiggle out of awkward situations and waning interest by simply ignoring the other person.

As much as it can seem like there are no other options once that panic to extricate yourself from a budding relationship sets in, there actually are some alternatives... So let's make dating more humane by doing these things instead the next time you feel like you have no choice but to ghost. But NOT because you're going to disingenuously agree to see her again.

They may seem valid to you, the person doing it, but they mean little to the person you’ve decided isn’t even worth the time to send a text or message to. Being ghosted* Why I'd 'ghost' Barack Obama after a first date* What ghosting is and how Charlize Theron's doing it to Sean Penn A relationship, regardless of its nature, requires two parties to communicate. Of course the person might be hurt or confused, especially if they thought things were going well.

As anyone knows the beginnings of any romantic relationship are the most stressful, you often second guess yourself over small things e.g. They may demand an explanation and, at that point, if you don’t want to give one, then ignoring them is fine.

Someone who was, likely, unaware of your faltering affection. You don’t need to build it up or dance around the topic.

He's trying to make you mad enough to actually end the relationship. Source: Shutter Stock If he's trying to get you to break up with him, he's also probably going to stop wanting to go places with you, like out with your friends or something.

Just show people a bit of respect and allow them to move on at the same time as you.

Ghosting, no matter how you justify it, is a selfish act.

Maybe because of the way I was raised, or perhaps because I am a little older and have been through some stuff, but the phenomenon of ghosting really doesn’t appeal to me. The act of ghosting someone does nothing but add to that stress. Uncertainty; "Is he/she avoiding me or is he/she just busy?

I’ve never done it and really don’t understand why people engage in it. ", "Should I change my plans or assume we’re still going out? Uncertainty is, in many ways, worse than certainty, even if that certainty isn’t what you had hoped for.

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