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With this update, all Wiis should now work as long as SD card or DVD is present.This will be completely resolved in the upcoming 1.5 firmware update.More than 6.2 million courses from players around the world are available for others to play in the Super Mario Maker game, and now a free March 9 update will add a Super Expert mode to the 100-Mario Challenge.

DVD Direct Boot Supported GC WBFS Menu NOT Supported Wiikey Fusion 1.4 Partially fixes an issue that causes the Mii/Photo channel to crash on some Wiis when no SD card is present.Unlock your Nintendo Wii with the worlds first truly upgradeable Nintendo Wii Mod Chip. The really good thing, as far is goes with the Wii Key Installation is that you're only required to work with just one section of the Nintendo Wii mother board. Thankfully in the case of this Nintendo Wii Mod chip, it's not just all hype and senseless features, but a robust, good chip that just works. Even if you're just a novice when it comes to soldering, you should have no problem with installing the Wii Key in your Nintendo Wii console.Various other minor bugfixes and improvements have been included in this release DVD Direct Boot NOT Supported GC WBFS Menu Supported Wiikey Fusion 1.2 Recovery To help users who have had a bad flash while upgrading their Wiikey Fusion (ie: if the power went out in the middle of updating).This update provides the same firmware update as the regular Wiikey Fusion Update v1.2 released on 8th June, but it runs in recovery mode.

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