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ur not welcome here I swear to god, u need to sort urself other accommodation, all ur s**t is outside [sic],' wrote Mr Kenny-Dowall.

Magistrate Grogan referred to the text messages as being 'rude base and vulgar', having a 'sometimes sexual explicit nature', being 'less than delicate' and displaying the couple's 'vigorous sex life'.

To explore this subject, we have built a hardware and software apparatus that allows virtual humans to initiate, receive, and interact over video calls using Skype or any similar service.

We believe that virtual humans, presented over video chat services, such as Skype, and delivered using smartphones, can be an effective way to deliver innovative applications where social interactions are important, such as counseling and coaching.

During the hearing, Magistrate Grogin assessed Ms Peris’ answers to be calculated, evasive and intentionally framed, finding her to be an unreliable and an evasive witness. Ms Peris was the only witness to the alleged assaults.

On May 16 last year an argument through text messages exploded as Ms Peris decided to continue enjoying herself with a group of friends rather than return home where Mr Kenny-Dowall was waiting for her.'Ur kidding urself, always have been always will, nothing but a joke, ur a f***ing s**t, …

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